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Richmond Plastering Blog Sep 2015-Apr 2016


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Silcott Construction Ltd

I would like to say something about a project that we took on in October 2015 in Clapham London for Silcott Construction Ltd. The work schedule was for labour only, to render and float finish some garden walls. We arrived on site at the arranged time to meet with the Project Manager Terence. After 1 1/2 hours of waiting around he finally showed up, I asked him for the materials to start the job he showed me bags of sharp sand, when rendering sand is what should be used. I eventually persuaded him to go and get the right sand (another 30 minutes wasted).

Richmond Plastering Blog Sep 2015-Apr 2016

From September 2015, we have started working with Metropolitan insulation soundproofing specialists. Within this time we have completed a number of jobs in London, Bristol, Essex and South Wales installing soundproof walls and ceilings to reduce the encroaching noise from neighbours. The work consists of building stud timber walls or stud ceilings and inserting a 100mm Acoustic insulation into the petitions and ceiling joist and then double board with a 12mm or 15mm Sound Shield  Plasterboard ,leaving  a 5mm gap between new wall and surfaces that will be filled with foam.
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